About MW

With over 6 years experience as a senior product owner, scrum master, service designer and experience consultant, I build products and services with customer experience at their core. My agile design philosophy is rooted in iteration, learning and validation.

With extensive experience in marketing, e-commerce, retail, travel and technology industries I shape and coach my teams to create digital and real-world experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Striving to maximize the effectiveness of agile methodologies, I manage change within teams to optimise process as well as product delivery. I deliver experiences by steering teams through clear product vision, product roadmap, and service/UX design, towards agile execution. I oversee big-picture business goals as well as pixel-perfect product and service design.

The reason I love my work is because I get to work with multi-disciplinary international teams of talented people to deliver products and that make the world a better place.

Need help getting your experience strategy to the next level? Don’t hesitate give me a call.