"To develop products that will define the future and make the world a better place." 

As a senior product owner, UX designer and agile entrepreneur, I build user-centric mobile and web applications. My product development philosophy is rooted in iteration, learning and validation.

Striving to apply agile in it's purest form, I manage change within teams to optimise process as well as product delivery.

I deliver B2C applications by steering teams through clear product vision, product roadmap, and UX design, towards agile execution. I oversee big-picture business goals as well as pixel-perfect product design.

The reason I love my field is because I get to work with international teams of talented designers, analysts, developers and testers to deliver products that make people smile.


  1. Create focus through engraining a product vision throughout the organisation
  2. Plan through a structured and transparent roadmap
  3. Execute on the basis of a solid feature backlog
  4. Measure through cutting-edge and actionable analytics
  5. Learn by analysing KPIs that have been set

Visit the product management or projects page to learn more about my background and how I work.

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